Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winter Range

I have been huddled up in my work room coming up with some new designs and all in all i am pretty happy. My favourite amongst them are my new jackets. Most of which are reversible. They are a bit of a pain to make, they take forever, but they are alot of fun as well. I have even made one out of recycled knits!!!! (yet to get a photo of it though)

My other favourite is my wrap dress. The idea extended from the success of my reversible wrap dress for summer and as the cooler months were nearing i thought of a wrap with sleeve. I really like the idea of a wrap and i love this dress but it needs refining and i need to work out a way in which i can make it quicker. I have actually just employed a pattern maker to redo this design and i am really happy with it. So if it isn't perfected by the end of this season it will defiantly be available for next winter!!!I am still doing my recycled vests, blankets and pants and have started to experiment making some little jumpers out of recycled knits as this space!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shorts and Reversible Dresses

Well i have been busy finally motivating myself for the onslaught of christmas shopping. I have locked myself away in my little cocoon of a studio to work on these great new dresses and what is even more exciting is they are REVERSIBLE!!!!Ah how i love to have some little quirky thing added to my designs. I am having a lot of fun playing around with these dresses....i am hooked....meanwhile everything else has been neglected.......mmmm those fisherman pants are slowly dwindling in numbers as to are my smock much to do and so little time and still those dresses are beckoning me to make more!!!!Yep the dark rings under my eyes are getting darker and my little boy has taken to waking up hourly at night at the moment as well......i feel that in built ever ready battery is about to explode!!!!!!Ah the joys. Check out these little shorts, just something fun for the lads and they certainly look spunky on my boys. Looking forward to Darby Street Fair on the 18th October and Allie's Attic next month on the 14th November.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and with it has come some fresh inspiration for new designs. Check out these skirts i've been working on.....hopefully they will be as much of a hit as they are with my daughter.....i have to keep telling her they aren't finished as she keeps trying to wear them!!!
In between frantically sewing, designing and looking after three kids, i am slowly trying to navigate my way through creating a some it may seem quite easy but for me the anxiety immediately sets in the minute my fingers touch the computer screen.....'it is your friend not your enemy!!!!' Ahh i'm sure it will be a while yet before i am able to let go of my jaggered relationship with the computer and welcome it in as a friend to rely on not one to battle with.....Anyway,I did the Olive Tree Market on the weekend and tested out my new skirts and boys shorts.....mmmm im sure as with everything it always takes a while for the buyers to cotton on and realise they really want to purchase these great new funky items....well that's what i am hoping anyway.

A big Congrats to Allie for the launch of her website check it out, she's done a great job and Kix Clothing has been featured in the 'brands we love' section. Thankyou Allie. I will defiantly be attending the first Allie's Attic Market. Well that's it from me....back to the sewing machine

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recycled Knits


Welcome. After much deliberation i am finally able to stumble my way through creating my own blog page....yes i am that much closer to finally getting my stuff out there on the world wide web....whoah scary stuff!!! Well for any one out there who is willing to listen, i am an energetic mother of three small children and in my ample spare time (not) i somehow manage to design and produce funky and unique children's clothes. I have been in the business for 4 years now (seriously for 3) but still feel as though i have a long way to go in terms of geting my product out there....hence my first big step into the world wide web!!!About time they all say. Before now it has pretty much been market to market but who knows where i will end up. I have the dream to live a creative life and prospering financially whilst still being able to be there for my children's upbringing.....bring it on i say. Currently i am working on some funky little skirts for summer. Now that winter has quickly (thank god) come to an end i am steering away from my recycled woollens and am hastily trying to focus on some new designs for the summer.....yay....i'll keep you posted.
Cheers Becky