Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recycled Knits


Welcome. After much deliberation i am finally able to stumble my way through creating my own blog page....yes i am that much closer to finally getting my stuff out there on the world wide web....whoah scary stuff!!! Well for any one out there who is willing to listen, i am an energetic mother of three small children and in my ample spare time (not) i somehow manage to design and produce funky and unique children's clothes. I have been in the business for 4 years now (seriously for 3) but still feel as though i have a long way to go in terms of geting my product out there....hence my first big step into the world wide web!!!About time they all say. Before now it has pretty much been market to market but who knows where i will end up. I have the dream to live a creative life and prospering financially whilst still being able to be there for my children's upbringing.....bring it on i say. Currently i am working on some funky little skirts for summer. Now that winter has quickly (thank god) come to an end i am steering away from my recycled woollens and am hastily trying to focus on some new designs for the summer.....yay....i'll keep you posted.
Cheers Becky