Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shorts and Reversible Dresses

Well i have been busy finally motivating myself for the onslaught of christmas shopping. I have locked myself away in my little cocoon of a studio to work on these great new dresses and what is even more exciting is they are REVERSIBLE!!!!Ah how i love to have some little quirky thing added to my designs. I am having a lot of fun playing around with these dresses....i am hooked....meanwhile everything else has been neglected.......mmmm those fisherman pants are slowly dwindling in numbers as to are my smock much to do and so little time and still those dresses are beckoning me to make more!!!!Yep the dark rings under my eyes are getting darker and my little boy has taken to waking up hourly at night at the moment as well......i feel that in built ever ready battery is about to explode!!!!!!Ah the joys. Check out these little shorts, just something fun for the lads and they certainly look spunky on my boys. Looking forward to Darby Street Fair on the 18th October and Allie's Attic next month on the 14th November.