Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winter Range

I have been huddled up in my work room coming up with some new designs and all in all i am pretty happy. My favourite amongst them are my new jackets. Most of which are reversible. They are a bit of a pain to make, they take forever, but they are alot of fun as well. I have even made one out of recycled knits!!!! (yet to get a photo of it though)

My other favourite is my wrap dress. The idea extended from the success of my reversible wrap dress for summer and as the cooler months were nearing i thought of a wrap with sleeve. I really like the idea of a wrap and i love this dress but it needs refining and i need to work out a way in which i can make it quicker. I have actually just employed a pattern maker to redo this design and i am really happy with it. So if it isn't perfected by the end of this season it will defiantly be available for next winter!!!I am still doing my recycled vests, blankets and pants and have started to experiment making some little jumpers out of recycled knits as this space!!!!

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